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does anyone else feel like shaking some sense into these people?

I was going to post some more links about the whole current crisis, but I'm burned out on it and fed up with pretty much everyone in Washington. I'd be less so if someone would just stand up and say, "Yes, okay, this is partly our fault. Now can we please just fix this with a minimum of screwing over the taxpayer, who is, after all, going to be the one footing the bill, no matter what we wind up doing?" But I doubt that's likely to happen. And even if it did, no one would listen.

Times like these make me more sympathetic toward those who argued for a monarchy/tyrant whenever systems of government came up in seminar. We could use a Vetinari right about now, and possibly a Moist von Lipwig. (I wouldn't say no to a Sam Vimes, either.)

Things which are making me mostly happy at the moment: I got to hang out with my sister this weekend! And see my lovely roommate-that-was! Also, Sting singing 16th century love songs - which is way more awesome than you might expect.
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