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I have been spending too much time reading (mostly) political blogs, but in the process I stumbled across this:
I have been, and remain, a staunchly anti-elitist individual. I find the idea of belonging to a special group the most dangerous philosophical ground you can stand on. But what is remarkable about this Remnant* is that the people that compose it seem to be drawn completely at random. It is not a philosophy. It is a frequency. You are on it or you are not. And this is not a million-dollar lottery win, either: it is a call to face unpleasant facts and impending hardship. It is a quiet summons to duty. It often makes one uncomfortable, and, most often, this unfocused, vague desire – this need – to do something useful most often makes one feel very much alone.

What’s remarkable about the Remnant -- to me, anyway – is the sheer unpredictability of its composition. Perhaps that homeless drug addict, panhandling under the overpass . . . perhaps he will be the one to run into a burning building while other decent and good people stand idle, waiting for something to happen.

Waiting for someone to happen.

The rest of it is well worth reading--perhaps particularly because it was written before the whole current kerfluffle had really started.

*As in the remnant of Israel that Isaiah was speaking to.
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Did you know that Bill Whittle, the author of the Eject Eject Eject blog, wrote a book? It's a collection of his best essays.

Please try the anchoress' blog( I think you might enjoy it!

You might, if you aren't already reading it, start with the Blogfather:

Oh, I'm already subscribed to the Anchoress. She's how I stumbled across Eject Eject Eject. (Well, obliquely. My online reading habits are more tangle than straight line.) I'll have to check out Instapundit, though--I've seen them referred to, here and there, so it's probably about time I take a serious look at their stuff.

Thanks for the rec!
Insty isn't a them. He's a him. I have an extra copy of Bill Whittle's (RL name of Eject Eject Eject) book if you'd like it. Just send me a mailing address and it's yours!

I was using "they" as an alternative to he/she/it. Thanks for the offer, but I'm currently swimming in books, and need to thin out my collection a bit before even considering acquiring more.
Thanks darlin'.
This was some serious food for thought, considering I checked my LJ just to take a break from wrestling with Descartes. It's a little refreshing, though. I'm not sure how I feel about it - I'll mull over it some - but I think I'm a fan of awareness, in general. Must be the Johnnie in me.
Re: Thanks darlin'.
*smishes* Hi, you! Long time no see/talk--although that will be remedied this weekend, I trust.

Anyways, yes--the tone around here is getting a little more contemplative, I hope. If I'm going to talk, I'd like to actually be saying something. Break-type stuff is now mostly over at gentle_edgar, although I need to do more writing; I've let myself be horribly distracted by the whole election kerblooie. Bleh.

And yes--awareness, in general, is a good thing. ^_^

*smishes you again*