*feels very daring*

I heart our president. Very much. Why?

You know how the economy's kind of mucked up right now, due to the whole Freddie and Fannie implosion thing? Well, in 2003 Bush (perhaps not personally, but his administration: people he selected) proposed revamping the regulations for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac--which congress blocked. And now he (or, again, his administration) has reacted swiftly, and apparently, in the only way likely to keep everything from going down the drain. And has explained the situation in a very clear, almost encouraging way. (And congress does . . . what? Run away?)

Also, this is kind of scary. Just what kind of change are the Democrats pushing for?

P.S. I heart Sarah Palin, too.

ETA: Here's a more detailed breakdown of who was behind Freddie and Fannie reaching this point, and who tried to prevent it. (One of the latter was--guess who?--McCain. I kind of heart him too.)
We went to visit friends today, and for the last 20 minutes or so (by which point we were in more or less small-town Americana) there were McCain signs on most of the front yards. And one lone Obama sign. It made a nice switch from my trip into Philly last week, where there were only Obama signs. Although it's kind of depressing to know that my vote come November won't make any difference because as Philly goes, so goes PA, and Philly is pretty staunchly Democrat.

. . . And that was going to tie in with what you said, but I've forgotten how. Anyway, I figured it was about time I spoke up in public. I'm trying to do that a little more. Ought to do that about my faith as well, I think, but that's closer to my bones and harder to put into words. (Which is probably a sign that I need to think and read and talk about it more; if you can't phrase it simply and in your own words, my dad likes to say, you don't actually know it.)