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review(ish): They Asked for a Paper

This book is out of print, so the only copy I could get my hands on was photocopied and poorly-bound: not easy to read, but worth the effort. (As are all of C.S. Lewis's works, I find.) The contents are a bit scattered, but mostly deal with literature and Christianity. There's an excellent essay on Kipling, in which Lewis states quite clearly what it is about Kipling that's always vaguely bothered me (only, obviously, he's talking about his own reaction and not mine), as well as why I we read him anyway. I found I couldn't read the book while in the same room with someone because I kept wanting to read bits aloud to them, and that gets obnoxious after awhile.

...of a ruler one asks justice, incorruption, diligence, perhaps clemency; of a leader, dash, initiative, and (I suppose) what people call "magnetism" or "personality".

from De Descriptione Temporum

A live dog is better than a dead lion.

from Lilies that Fester
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