star wars!

a dose of happy-making things

To counter the SGA-has-been-canceled blues (but at least they're going out well):

1. Just finished watching Mounty on the Bounty, which is a delicious combo of silly and serious. I love the way Ray and Fraser interact. And the scene with Francesca interrogating the suspect is awesome.

2. Really cool art: skeletal, pencil, fantastical, and a return to (but very different take on) skeletal.

3. Free music: Iron & Wine, The Unseen Guest, Sigur Ros, all sorts of mixes put together by synecdochic, and a bunch more mixes by oxoniensis.

Also, something that's happy-making for me is that now that I'm working on my own instead of training all the time and having to be sociable for most of the day, I'm able to actually be productive after work. I was worried this might turn out not to be possible.
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