not sure whether to laugh or cry

Came across an old notebook today, from when I was twelve or so, that contains what I believe is my first bit of fanfiction. It's some sort of mash-up of Avengers and X-Men, and comes complete with Mary Sue, angst, trauma, and overly-weighty dialogue. I suppose mostly it's comforting to see how far I've come in 10+ years. Here's a pretty representative passage:
"Who are you?" The professor's voice was anguished, his eyes full of horror for what she had gone through.

"Who am I?" Her response was emotionless. "That doesn't matter. I am a mistake, a statistic, an experiment, a weapon. A wife, a friend, a human. My story is no worse than many others, though most are better than mine." She looked at him again, and her eyes were smoldering with something that, despite all his knowledge and empathy, he couldn't quite place. "But as I said, at the moment I need the help of the X-Men. I chose to break in, so you would know how much I can handle on my own."

And considering it had taken him and Jean to hold her still and Beast to knock her out, he was sure she could handle quite a bit. "I see. And just what do you need our help with?"

She sighed and slumped in the restraining chair. Instead of answering, she closed her eyes and said, "Look for yourself." And with that, it was as if a door was opened in her thoughts. Somehow she had been partially blocking him without his knowledge. However, his wonder at that disappeared when he began to understand her mental message.

Whatever the message was, it never made it onto paper, and so is lost to posterity.

Probably a good thing.

Also, between graduation and birthday gifts, I have $335 I'm supposed to spend on myself. I am contemplating burning $250 of it on the 5 volume set of Manly Wade Wellman omnibuses, because volume 1 is available separately only for $235--and that's used. So's the set, but I don't mind a little wear, and it's definitely a bargain. What say you?
You were 12? Pretty precocious :)
I've never heard of him. What kind of books are they?
Well, 12-ish. Going by my handwriting at the time. I didn't write down dates anywhere.

Manly Wade Wellman wrote sort of Appalachian fantasy/science fiction/folk legend stuff. Here's John the Balladeer, which is the only "book" by him I've been able to get my hands on--none of his stuff is in the local libraries.
Wow, that sounds like everything I wrote from 6th-9th grade as well! Always nice to look back and realize I'm a much better writer, even if I still wince.
Yeah. I tell myself it was a necessary stage for me to reach where I'm at now, but it's still a little embarrassing. Makes me glad I didn't have access to anything like the pit of voles at that age.
Makes me so glad I didn't have the internet like kids do nowadays! All those abandoned, embarassingly bad fantasy and sci-fi novels stayed safely hidden in the depths of Microsoft Word.