art: Concentric

It's been a while since I last sat down and actually drew something. I'd forgotten how enjoyable it is.
I'm seriously loving the astronomy, and how it hasn't left your soul yet. Happy days. Who is the woman?
...Angel? Personification of a form? I dunno. I just drew the thing--I can't explain it.

Hey, are you back at home yet? I'm not sure where to send your mail at the moment.
I'm at home, being a lazy bum (sad day). But I'm loving the Olympics, even if all the good stuff's on at 3 am.
All I know about the current Olympics I have gleaned at work while putting out the day's newspapers.

Although I hear the US women's sabre team kicked some serious butt.
I like! And I immediately thought Angel.
ps. I'm doing a beginners sketching in two weeks :D
I hope it goes well and you have a lot of fun doing it. Main thing is, I think, to just keep drawing, even if everything looks crappy at the beginning. It takes a while for the eye and hand to get coordinated.