a meditation on the occasion of a birthday

Another year in my life past, another about to start. Usually I tell people that I don't notice any difference between the age I was and the age I now am, but I don't think that's true this year. It is true that I feel pretty much the same as I did yesterday, but if I look back further, to a year ago today, my position is significantly changed.

So, I was going to write this thing about where I was then, where I am now, etc., but upon having been awake longer, have now changed my mind.


Anyway, I've discovered that I can, in fact, get a steady wireless connection in my room. (The capriciousness of our family's wireless by the time it reaches my room has been the bane of my existence for the past few months.) I just have to put my laptop on the floor and leave it there. This is probably bad for my wrists (or back or something) but is definitely better for my batteries, so. *shrugs*

Tell me, O El-Jay, on this my birthday, what is the weirdest/most uncomfortable position you've put yourself into for the sake of a decent internet connection?

ETA: I am amused by Semagic's refusal to recognize "internet" as a real word, and by its proposal to substitute "internee". Not the same thing, Semagic. Not even remotely the same thing.
Happy birthday, sweetie!

(Did you know you share it with Maureen McCormick, aka Marcia Brady?)
end of the bed with no back rest, owwww!!!!! Try a pillow under the wrist, that's what I did.
Right now my problem isn't pain, it's limbs falling asleep. There's one position that's really comfortable, but my leg starts to go numb after about 10 minutes. Better than something actually hurting, I suppose, but not much.
Ach, I'm afraid I have no anecdote for ye, being an internet devotee of the strictly desk-bound, cable-entangled variety. However, considering the fact that one time when our mouse was rendered useless by the overenthusiasm of our toddler son, I actually did all of my usual computer activities for two days ENTIRELY BY KEYBOARD...I'd say I'd probably endure some pretty severe discomfort in order to get a good connection.

...Hm, seems I lied--that looks awfully anecdotey to me! ;P Happy, happy birthday, and a blessed ensuing year to you!! (hug)
Two days entirely by keyboard? Wow. I'd probably get fed up and go sulk after the first few hours of being unable to clink on links and such. I'm impressed by both your fortitude and resourcefulness.
"Fortitude and resourcefulness"--great euphemism for obsessiveness and pigheadedness!! Mind if I use it? =P

Random co-worker: Um, Trish...why does everything in the snack basket seem to be arranged in rows--alphabetically, by size, and then by color?

Me: Ach, think nothing of it, my good woman! Just my fortitude and resourcefulness coming once more to the fore! ;)

Same co-worker: Yeah, riiiiiiiiight....