oh, why not

Have put my stuff up for grabs in this year's round of dvd_commentary. I won't, however, be doing a commentary of my own. Tried to, last year, and it wound up being very . . . bleh, so I never posted it. Don't even remember what story it was for, although I do remember it was one of pentapus's.
Ok, no fair taunting me.

Oh, actually, now that I'm here, I've been meaning to ask: do you have that scene that you wrote as a jumping off point for some challenge or other with John and Teyla in a downed jumper? Would you mind if I used it as sort of a comic script? Though, the lines would come out a bit more of a comedy tone.
Sorry! It wasn't intended as a taunt. Really, it was mostly me failing to be either coherent or interesting. What I should have done (if I'd been a little less shy) was post a rec of the story.

Hm. Might do that this year in lieu of commentating.

Anyway, yes and yes! I do have that scene (at least I think it's that scene--I have so many loose odds and ends on my computer it's not funny), and I would be thrilled if you turned it into something else. I doubt I'm going to do anything with it any time soon.


“Any landing you can walk away from,” John said sometimes, when the puddle jumper touched ground more roughly than he liked. Teyla had never really understood the phrase until now—the jumper was lying on its side, Teyla had bitten through her lip, cracked her elbow so hard against a bulk head that it was tingly and almost numb, twisted her ankle somehow, and John was slumped on the floor between pilot's seat and control panel, forehead bloodied. But they were alive, and she had seen their pursuer turn into a ball of flame, so the situation was far better than it could have been.

They were also injured, on a strange planet, a continent and an ocean away from the stargate, and had no way of getting back.

They were alive. It would have to be enough.

“John?” Standing hurt, but not enough to make her sit back down. “John, can you move?”