I think the Viking Horde is my favorite, if only because it harks back (intentionally or not) to the great Muppet version of "In the Navy", which was performed by . . . a viking horde (complete with singing ship).

What I want to know is who came up with the idea of a cardboard-boat regatta in the first place? And then managed to make it happen!
Very cool! Thanks for the link :) The pictures of the boats being "torpedoed" are cracking me up :D
I won't be surprised if the opportunity to "torpedo" your competitors was a bigger draw than the actual racing.
That's too awesome. It reminds me of the "Red Green Regatta" that we have in my town every summer. I don't know if you've ever seen the Red Green Show on PBS, but one of the running gags is that the main character fixes everything with duct tape, so the Red Green Regatta features homemade boats in which duct tape is a structural element. Some of my friends from college have had a boat in the race every year; my husband and I have joined in their group a few times. The last two boats we built were a floating rooftop (which was really awesome until the canoes that we were using as floatation devices filled up with water, prompting a mad scramble for shore) and a sea monster/water dragon.
Oh, I love that show! What a cool idea for a regatta. So much more interesting--well, entertaining--than the usual type with ordinary boats. Too bad there isn't anything like that near where I live.