yet another writing meme-type thingy

Brain is trying to go in too many directions at once. Um. And my inner editor keeps getting in the way. So . . . tell me what this is a picture of, and I'll write 100+ words from the WIP of your choice (not listed: Boojum, which is the one where John ascends). But not until Monday, probably, since I have to go to a bridal shower tomorrow and that's liable to eat up most of my day.

ETA: While answers grounded in reality are fine, whimsy is more fun. ^_^
Oh, did I get it right ? *bounces in seat :)*

Um, I like the sound of Turn the Lights Off When You Go but I'll take anything that's funny. (I'd say that I'm easy but I don't want that to get around :))
"Turn the Lights Off When You Go" snippet
Well this isn't particularly funny, but the story's a pretty somber one. I'm not sure where exactly in the story this takes place, but it's going in somewhere.


There’s about eight inches left on the bed, but that’s better than attempting the floor or chair, and Jcak’s got the feeling it’s best if he stays in the room tonight. Just . . . a feeling. He’s learned to trust feelings.

A couple hours later, he wakes up because someone’s staring at him. At one point in the not-too-distant past, he would have known how long the staring had been going on, but he’s been out of the field long enough that he’s happy just to have any sort of radar left. Daniel’s breathing in Jack’s ear, the slow in-out of sleep—something Jack could fake, but it would never occur to Daniel to do so. Which means that the person staring at Jack is either Sheppard or some enterprising and very stupid burglar. And Jack refuses to think he’s that far gone, to not wake up when someone’s breaking into his house. Apartment.
Re: "Turn the Lights Off When You Go" snippet
Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! I've NEVER had anyone write something for me!
Re: "Turn the Lights Off When You Go" snippet
Really? Well, I'm glad to have finally remedied that! I love writing things for people. Sometimes I wind up not having enough time to write something for everyone, but I always try.

...And I just realized that you haven't been able to read what comes before this. *goes off to remedy that too*
This is...something that Rodney from "Someone Else's Shadow" cobbles together, which does NOT return John to his own universe....
"Someone Else's Shadow" snippet
This is...something that Rodney from "Someone Else's Shadow" cobbles together, which does NOT return John to his own universe....

There's probably going to be at least one of those. ^_^

(I'm assuming this means you want a chunk from Someone Else's Shadow--if not, just say so--the whole point of this exercise is to get me to write.)


They stared at each other for a while. Or rather, Rodney stared at John’s right shoulder (which had a set of ragged circular tattoos in lieu of scars from bullet holes), and John stared at . . . something, unless he’d gone back to eyeballing the apartment for bugs or other signs that the apartment was actually a cage. Apparently it passed inspection, because eventually John sighed and shifted his weight uncomfortably.

“Got something other than boxers I could wear?”

With the tattoos covered up, it was harder to remember that the John curled up on the end of the couch was one Rodney didn’t know—not really. He moved the same way Rodney’s John had (still did, in Rodney’s dreams and memories), was just as free with Rodney’s stuff as John had been; at the moment he was playing with the flashy ball-type thing which was one of the few pieces of Ancient tech that had somehow wound up in Rodney’s apartment and that most frequently found employment as a cat toy.

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Re: "Someone Else's Shadow" snippet
Oh, it's so lovely!! ^^ The bullet-hole-healing tattoos are a wonderful addition, and the image of John playing carelessly yet warily with Rodney's junk while Rodney watches him with other-John in mind...I'm so glad to have had a wee hand in the writing of this wee scene. ^_____^

(So glad, in fact, I couldn't reply until I had an icon suitable for inordinate glee! =P )
Re: "Someone Else's Shadow" snippet
*is amused by icon*

It's going to be a while before Rodney stops automatically comparing this John to "his" John, and for John to trust that this strange world he's been dropped into is real, and not out to get him. This "wee scene" is really the beginning of a much longer scene, I think, in which John is less opaque than he'd like to believe, and Rodney less transparent than he would have been, before, and both think the other's a little crazy.

I love sticking in little details here and there; they're so much fun to come up with, and I think they go a long way toward making a piece of fiction more believable.
Re: "Someone Else's Shadow" snippet
This "wee scene" is really the beginning of a much longer scene, I think

^^ Even better!! I just love the way this fic is headed, with all of the different variables you've set up influencing the John/Rodney interaction to make it something different from canon, but also quite different from what each character is accustomed to. Very much looking forward to reading that!
A device you stick on something - say a chair or a surfboard - that makes it fly. Discovered in the flying city in "Inebriate of Air." And you know John just "has" to try it out ;).
"Inebriate of Air" snippet
It would be very cool if it really did that--and John most certainly would "have" to try it, probably with Rodney protesting and uttering dire threats as he did so.

Here's a snippet from that story (although no flying devices--at least not yet; sorry). If you'd prefer something else, just say so--the more I write, the better.


And then Rodney, who’s been muttering to himself ever since they left the puddle jumper, says “How much do you want to bet that the thing’s got rabies?” Which is a ridiculous question to ask, since they have yet to encounter so much as a rumor in the Pegasus galaxy of anything even similar to rabies—except for the tiny orange berries on Rikula, but the effects of those are temporary, and limited to birds.

But before John can mention this, the floor beneath his feet shudders with an accompanying sound like distant gunfire. A moment later, everything is quiet and dark and still again, but John can’t help being more than a little spooked by whatever had just happened. Ronon and Teyla look just as uneasy, although that could be due partly to the weird shadows cast by the flashlights.
It's the mounting plate for a Honeywell residential thermostat, or R2D2's codpiece.
As I am snippentally challenged, I would benefit the most from something incredibly inspiring and yet terminally cynical. Snip me, 12 to the bar.
"Boojum" snippet
Well, this isn't really what you asked for, but it's what happened. *shrugs* It's probably helpful to know that John's more-or-less ascended at this point, and Arundhati is the one who "helped" him ascend. Erm. Just read the preceding bits of story.


Civilians never seem to understand how easy it is to kill a person. All you have to do is place one (imaginary) hand here, and one there, and—


No blood stains, just unseeing eyes and a suddenly limp body. John smooths the eyelids closed and lays Arundhati down in the dust, half-surprised that her body hasn’t faded away into energy the way his own had. He hadn’t allowed himself to believe that she would actually die, although he’s relieved (and feels guilty for feeling so) that she’s gone; there wasn’t any way he could have let her go on living.

He’s drawing molecular trails in the dust when Vishna is suddenly crouched beside Arundhati, expression unreadable. She places a hand on Arundhati’s forehead, tracing careful circles with her thumb, as though Arundhati is porcelain and might break. It’s too late for that, John thinks but doesn’t say.

“What did you do to her?” Which is not a question John was expecting, particularly not from an ascended being. It’s pretty obvious what’s happened.

“What you told me to do,” John says, and hopes his sarcasm will be taken for uncertainty. And that his mental shields are as deceptively open as he’s learned to be in person.