Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

au meeeeeeeeeeeme!

As seen all over the place:
The Hypothetical AU Meme: Take any one of the fandoms you know I write in, and give me a type of AU (space opera AU, pirate AU, superhero AU, Ancient Rome, etc). I will then explain what story from your chosen fandom I would write for your chosen type of AU.

I hope you're not all busy or bored with this meme already, because I love doing this kind of thing. Writing snippets from peoples' prompts--without the pressure of something organized--is my favorite way to write.

Actually, I love writing snippets in general. There's something marvelously fun about writing something small that also holds possibilities for more, further down the line, if the writer ever has the urge.

ETA: fandoms I will write: SGA, SG-1, Greek myth, Labyrinth, Peter Pan, Harry Potter (just for kicks), and I'm willing to attempt Arthurian legend.
Tags: meme/poll, writing about writing

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