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The Hypothetical AU Meme: Take any one of the fandoms you know I write in, and give me a type of AU (space opera AU, pirate AU, superhero AU, Ancient Rome, etc). I will then explain what story from your chosen fandom I would write for your chosen type of AU.

I hope you're not all busy or bored with this meme already, because I love doing this kind of thing. Writing snippets from peoples' prompts--without the pressure of something organized--is my favorite way to write.

Actually, I love writing snippets in general. There's something marvelously fun about writing something small that also holds possibilities for more, further down the line, if the writer ever has the urge.

ETA: fandoms I will write: SGA, SG-1, Greek myth, Labyrinth, Peter Pan, Harry Potter (just for kicks), and I'm willing to attempt Arthurian legend.
Oh man. I just spent 30 minutes looking stuff up on Wikipedia, and now I want to actually write this.

It would be, I think, mainly John's story. John, who was born to a wealthy patrician family {equestrian class), turned his back on his family (for some reason which no one is willing to discuss) and joined the regular army--not even the Praetorian guard, as would have been almost respectable for someone of his breeding. He worked his way up through the ranks--cavalry, most likely--until he disobeyed orders in an attempt to keep his men from getting killed. They died anyway, he got in serious trouble and was booted to the back of nowhere (wherever the Roman equivalent of Antarctica is) for a while until Jack tapped him to be Sumner's XO and sent them all off to--Britain, maybe? Somewhere where they could be cut off from the Empire, so that when Sumner was killed, John wound up in charge. Even though he really didn't want to be.

Rodney would be the legion's chief engineer--there, like John, because he pissed off the wrong people. Or maybe because they were supposed to be clearing the way for the construction of something?--can't find much info about Roman army engineers.

Anyway, the story would be mostly about the legion trying to survive until someone comes to get them out, and the relationship between John and Rodney. John would be much the same as he is on the show, only a bit more jaded, due to the corruption he saw throughout the ruling classes. Rodney would be more tempered than on the show. He had to work his way up through the lower ranks of the army before he reached the immune class, and so had forbearance and an ability to hold his tongue beaten into him.

The other characters--except for Elizabeth, no room for her in the Roman way of things--would show up as various versions of themselves, but it would be mostly about John coming to terms with himself and where he comes from, with what he is capable of when required.
I would totally be your research bitch and nit pick all the way through this.

Once I've finished papers and ficathon story--which means the end of next week--I might very well take you up on your offer.

I don't remember enough about Roman-era Britain to weigh in on Wraith/Telya/Boudaicca yet (and don't have time at moment to do the research), but it would be cool to tie the story in with actual historical events.
Oh wow, that sounds like so much fun! I hope you *do* write it.

--except for Elizabeth, no room for her in the Roman way of things--

Heh ... but if they're in Britain, you could easily stick her on the other side as a Boudicca type or something.

Edit: Just noticed the comment above me recast Boudicca as someone else; never mind me!

It *would* be just John's luck that his legion would happen to be in charge during an uprising of the locals, though.

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if they're in Britain, you could easily stick her on the other side as a Boudicca type or something.

Hm. I was thinking of making it as much of a simple temporal transposition as possible. So John is still the son of a rich family, who rebelled by joining the army. Rodney is from a lower/middle class family--and quite possibly not a born Roman citizen, if we were to go with Rome=US, which seems the most sensible way to do it. And similarly for the other characters. Elizabeth would therefore be upper class, like John, and so would have no reason to go along with the legion--unless they were escorting her somewhere.

Which would make it rather a different story, I think.

Still, it's something to think about. In between writing all the things I'm supposed to be getting finished. *looks at very long list and tries not to hyperventilate*

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But that's exactly what I was thinking with Elizabeth, though -- keep the upper-class/diplomat thing, except switch her to the other side. But it would mean putting her at odds with John and Rodney...

Did Romans ever bring their families along? Was there any equivalent to a provincial governor, with family and kids? She might slot nicely into that role, if there was such a thing; maybe her husband died and she's left running things ...

(And yes, I shouldn't be distracting you! Heaven knows I have enough of my own projects to worry about...)
SGA, Renaissance Faire AU.

Or if that doesn't strike you, SGA, the show business AU, era of your choice.

(sadly, I don't know offhand of any other fandoms I share with you or I would try to spice up the variety a little. :D)
Okay, so, Rodney would be a craftsman of some kind--goldsmith, maybe? And he's really rude to all the tourists, but his work is so brilliant it doesn't matter. Teyla does quarterstaves or tumbling or something, and Ronon jousts. John is a juggler, who for some reason always winds up by Rodney's stall and he's terrible at patter, but it doesn't matter (ouch, rhyme, yes) because he'll get this thing going with Rodney, and it's terribly funny. And also rude, but people seem to think that just makes it more authentic.

I'm not sure what the plot would be--I have no knowledge of the inner workings of ren fairs, so. Maybe just the four of them becoming friends in a weird and somewhat amusing series of incidents.

Or--maybe their fair is somewhat small and shabby, and that was fine until a new and shiner and BIGGER fair set up shop (the Genii, maybe, thinly disguised), and people stopped coming to the Pegasus Faire, and the gang has to come up with some way to save the fair! There could be shenanigans and stuff.
Hee, I like it!

At Renaissance faires, being verbally abusive to the tourists in creative ways is a very common gimmick (as you may know). Rodney would be a runaway HIT. In fact, they would have a guy at the entrance of his shop whose entire job was to advertise this by loud yelling in a terrible English accent (Possibly Ford). "Hear ye, hear ye! This be the shop of Master McKay, Smith of the Sarcastic! Blades of steel, blades of Tongue! Come see his masterworks of metal! Be belittled by his master mind!"

People would also LOVE John's half lethally skilled, half hapless (or was? no one could really tell) show going on near enough to Rodney to bicker back and forth while juggling fire. When not on stage in her bi-hourly show, Teyla wanders around the fair with her squire (Parrish), challenging people to duels with her padded staves for a fee and beating all the little carnival games when people ask her to. She might even be willing to be your opponent in some of the little vs. games.

Haha, the possible perils for Renfests remind me of the Renfest near me, and that one year we went and there were no more insulting pickle vendors! One of those guys had harassed my best friend about her backstreet boys crush for over fifteen minutes! (She kept trying to leave, I kept insisting on eating my pickle by the stand, tragic, I know) How could we go on without them!

...anyway. I obviously, am too fond of ren faires. XD

(Sorry for the late reply, my lj notifications are not working. D:)
Well, you obviously know a lot more about the subject than I do. Of course, the closest I've come to a Renfest are a couple of heritage day fairs (crafts! sheep! weird-looking-but-very-tasty food! mud!) and a celtic festival (Irish dancing! very loud Scottish band! trebuchets! sheep dog trials! more mud!). (Well, the mud in our area is basically red clay, which makes for a very interesting fair experience.)

Y'know, now I really want to read this story. But not write it. The Roman AU (if it gets off the ground) will going to demand too much research as it is, and at least I have a (very loose) plot for that one.
if you're still interested in doing this...
SG-1, steampunk.

SGA, fantasy-RPG-style. Or urban Eastern-folklore-based fantasy. Whichever you prefer.
oh, why not
Um--I'd say urban Eastern-folklore-based fantasy, except a good half-hour of poking around wikipedia has convinced me that coming up with even

In brief-ish form, because I don't have the time to do all the research that would be necessary:

Pegasus galaxy = Capiz, of the Philippines
Wraith = Aswang

Our heroes would be exploring the caves in the region, which are rumored to have deposits of some important mineral (naquada, perhaps? depends on how AU you want it to be), with Teyla serving as the local guide/interpreter, and John as--um--driver? security? Actually, that would be Ford. John could be an ex-military ex-pat, who does random jobs with Teyla. He's why Weir hires Teyla in the first place--either the two of them knew each other from long time ago, or he helps Elizabeth out when the guy she originally hired doesn't show.

That's the setup. As to the actual story--it would probably be somewhat similar to the arc of the first season, but only very roughly. That is, the expedition somehow wakes up or irritates the Ashwangs, and people start dying, and there's no one who a) believes that there's a supernatural explanation for the sudden spike in deaths, and b) is equipped to deal with the cause.

And at some point, John and Teyla take out a whole gang of Ashwangs, armed with only a sting-ray tail (Teyla) and a shiny sterling silver sword (John).

Or something like that.