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Just me being curious. ETA: Really, just me being curious. I'm not suffering anxiety over my writing or considering packing up and leaving; you guys are stuck with me flinging fic at you pretty much no matter what. It's wired into me.

I'm just trying to figure out what people are interested in, because it's always more fun to share if people actually want the thing you're sharing. That's why (well, partially why) I started writing mostly SGA, after all--it's what got feedback.

Of the last ten stories I've posted, which are your favorites? Pick no more than three.

To Move Mountains [sga]
A Good Cup of Coffee (is hard to find) [sga]
Five SG-1 Team Nights (in or out) [sg-1]
Or What You Will [shakespeare]
A Theory of Parallels [sga au]
Stories of Gods and Heroes [sg-1]
Things Already Seen [sga au]
Stalked [sga]
Agent of Influence [sg-1]
Take 2 Every 4 To 6 Hours [sga au]

What's your overall favorite story I've written?

What sort of stories should I write in the future?

And now I shall go do math and read about democracy in America. As described by a Frenchman.
Tags: meme/poll

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