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Brat Farrar

SPN 1.01 - The Pilot (AKA "The Woman in White")

So, I've been doing the "random SPN screen caps" thing for a while now, and I think I'm going to switch it up and do an episode-by-episode march through the series--which, at one episode per week, is going to take multiple years to get through. Love it when I can long-term plan like that! :P

For me, this is probably THE iconic shot from the episode:

Though this one's a close second:

Pretty boy with a pretty background:

This makes me think of a tourist-y postcard, for some reason:

We used to have a shoebox of cassette tapes too, though with a lot more Mozart and Bach than MotorHead:

This is also pretty iconic:

This actress is brilliant in the show Life, btw--highly recommended if you haven't seen it:
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