Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

another dream

Perhaps once a year or so I'll have a dream about needing to pack up my life into two (or so) bags before my family has to flee some kind of catastrophe. I actually kind of enjoy these dreams, because they're not stressful--the danger is near, but not imminent, and so I have time to deliberately choose the most suitable items, turning it into a sort of logistics puzzle rather than a desperate rush.
But that's not the best part--it's fleeting, and the details are rapidly lost once I wake up. It's the way the pattern of thinking lingers, so that I look at all the physical contents of my life differently for a day or two after, noticing details and functions that the typical routines of living tend to obscure.

The item my day usually centers around--the computer--becomes so much junk, to be discarded with barely a twinge, while the books on my shelves suddenly become priceless treasures to be weighed on a combination of contents and size (omnibuses prized above all).

Sewing supplies become almost sacred, playing cards a necessity, the mostly-blank notebooks collecting dust at the back of my closet to be considered a treasure. Meanwhile, the thought of having to give up the contents of my Kindle is almost enough to having me researching off-the-grid recharging options for campers. (I typed that sentence and then spent 15 minutes looking at solar panel recharging units--my goodness are there a lot of options.)

...Actually, looking up solar chargers on Amazon completely derailed my train of thought. No idea where this post was going. Oh well! Anyone else have "must prepare for some kind of impending disaster" dreams? If so, what kind of emotional tone do they have?
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