Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

change and decay in all around, I guess

I have been in a very fey mood lately--everything everywhere is in such massive flux: friendships, justice ... actually, everything falls into one of those two camps. Many friendships in flux at the moment. Not (mostly) in the sense of "will they remain my friends?" but rather "what circle of friendship will they fall into once various circumstances have finally settled?"

The question of justice is larger and smaller and potentially catastrophically messy, but I have to trust that all things will be bent to a good end, even if I may not live to see it.

Anyhow. One of the reasons I've mostly stopped writing is because when I try to write it turns bitter or maudlin or just incoherently fragmented. I've been gardening a lot this spring--we're harvesting lettuce and radishes right now, with peas and strawberries and blueberries on their way, and the cornstalks just beginning to show their heads. There are thistles everywhere, and trying to dig them out is apractical sermon on the insidiousness of sin and evil.

I am told that there are seasons to all things; I hope there is a season of peace and rest coming around the corner. I am tired of this ceaseless change and lack of commitment. I want to build something that will stick around for a while.

Anyhow, thank you LiveJournal for still being around 15+ years later, with pretty much the same look and function as I remember from the beginning. Though I do miss various people who used to be here and have since drifted away.

...See, I told you everything goes maudlin on me right now. It's a season: it will pass, though I wish my emotional spring would hurry up. Winter's taking an awfully long time this decade.
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