Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

A bit o' Bosch: St. John the Baptist in the Desert

This is another one that's definitely worth clicking through to see the massively high-def version--there's the bear shaking a tree for honey in the background, and a monkey (?) climbing the weird tree in the upper right corner--not to mention the bizarre rock formation in the upper left corner, with a tiny dude looking out over the edge of one of the weird cliffs. It's a very peaceful scene--definitely one of my favorites. You still have the wacky perspective going on--St. John appears to be as tall as some of the trees, and unlike St. Christopher, I'm pretty sure him being a giant isn't part of any church tradition. Not to mention the representative lamb in the bottom right corner has the most knowing look I've ever seen on probably any animal.

Also, the colors in this one are just plan lovely--there's a vibrancy to it that draws the eye and holds it.

Tags: art spam

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