Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar


So, blogging hasn't been happening much recently. It's probably due to my weekly schedule:

M - reading plays/poetry with friends
Tu - play Stardew Valley with a subset of those friends
Th - movie night with a different group of friends
F - family pizza night / FPS fun with second group of friends (if family leaves before 8:30 PM, which has been happening less and less frequently)
Sa - leadership meeting for gaming org / virtual flight night with same group

Wednesday and Sunday usually wind up being sort of mental catch-up nights--not quite enough for me to catch my breath, just enough for me to think about all the projects I'd like to be working on but aren't because I like having friends and spending time with them. I spent so many years existing in a sort of low-level persistent state of loneliness, it's almost impossible to even consider dropping any of these from my weekly schedule.

Can I just run away to a non-internet accessible cabin in the woods somewhere? Just to unplug for a little while.
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