daddy's girl

day three of Somehow Still Snowing

I'm not particularly depressed or even exactly stressed, btw. Kinda tired--it would be really nice to just stop everything for a while, give a way the dog for a little while so I could actually sleep in, maybe go away to someplac that doesn't have wifi and listen to Lord of the Rings while I revisit the medieval-themed coloring books of my childhood (still available, thanks to Dover Publishing!). Spend time in the kitchen trying out recipes.

Completely unrelated, if Oregon wasn't all the way on the other side of the continent, this would make me want to go visit:

(I want a donut pan. I've been making donuts on the weekends, but they just look like cookies because I have to do them flat on a baking sheet.)

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A retreat sounds sooooOOooOOooOOo good right now! I would want someone to feed me, though, rather than trying out recipes. I'm tired of feeding myself! =_=
Aw, I can understand that. My living situation includes meals, so for me the kitchen is a fun chance to do non-computery things.