Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

Bring your own popcorn

Things that kinda suck right now: my job (which is really ~2 fulltime jobs stuffed into one)
Things that definitely don't suck right now: being able to watch movies with friends again thanks to Discord

For me, movies are a social thing. No matter how much I love particular movies or how long I've been meaning to see something, I almost never get around to doing on my own. The last couple of months the gaming group I'm part of has been streaming movies on Thursday nights and it has been so much fun--not quite as good as doing it in person, but since we're scattered all over the country that wasn't likely to happen anyway.

In other news, The Matrix still holds up remarkably well, more than 20 years later. It's a pity they never made any sequels.
Tags: miscellanea

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