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I have finally done what I've been toying with for years now and opened a non-gmail account. It's all nice and clean and shiny and I actually deleted a bunch of emails from my main gmail account just off the high of finally having an empty inbox somewhere. It's very basic, almost no visual customization available, and I kind of love that. So, ProtonMail gets a preliminary thumbs up from me.

Meanwhile, the Brave browser gets two solid thumbs up--if you've been wanting to move off Chrome but have too many bookmarks, plugins, etc., Brave can do a 100% seamless import, plugins and search history and all. Just about the only thing it can't pull over is your actual logins. It does have a very polite advertising system, though you have the option of turning it off. I've left it on, because I've decided not to trust anything that appears to be free, and advertising pays the bills. :P I can say that it definitely runs faster and collects junk more slowly than Firefox, which was starting to have definite issues on my one computer, so if you have an older system that tends to chug a bit, might be worth a try.

Also, I love the logo:
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