review: Uncharted Territory

Here, at the bookden. I want to read some science fiction that's not written by Connie Willis, but it's kind of hard to find stuff that doesn't make me want to throw the book away five pages in.

Anyway, feel free to discuss (or argue). I love talking about books, and rarely get to do so with books I actually, y'know, like.
I've only read three Sci-fi books that I finished all the way through. I love sci-fi, but sci-fi books... I don't know. For me, most get too philosophical, too angsty (not in a good way) and too complicated. I'm into action/adventure, and I hate having to slough through page after page of some author's take on life, the universe and everything (uh, not counting Hitchhiker's Guide, of course) before finally getting to the actual plot! I like a book that makes you think, but first I have to know what they're talking about.

Anyways, so sadly, I know of no books to recommend that I haven't already in Bookden. I have the worst luck when it comes to sci-fi books.

There are a couple other authors I like, but it's still a rather narrow selection. I should dig them out, reread to see if they're as good as I remember, and then rec them.

For me, most get too philosophical, too angsty (not in a good way) and too complicated.

Exactly. Or they start throwing in random sex, which is a surefire way to make me stop reading a book.
oh, I adore Connie Willis!
Do you like....?
Tanya Huff (more fantasy & horror, I guess, but some pretty funny stuff in there too), Teresa Edgerton (fantasy), Nina Kiriki Hoffman (fantasy), Emma Bull (fantasy), Octavia Butler (fantasy & SF), Marta Randall (SF of the space opera variety), Barbara Hambly (fantasy), Lois McMaster Bujold (SF & fantasy), Sheri Tepper (SF & fantasy), CJ Cherryh (SF & Fantasy), Charlaine Harris (horror, humor), Kage Baker (SF), Pat Cadigan (SF)....

(I'll stop for now...)
No, no, don't stop! Or rather, go over to the bookden and rec stuff!

I'm familiar with some of these names--I've read all of Bulold's stuff I could get my hands on (love, love Memory and Komarr), and some of Hambly's but I don't think I've actually read any of the others.

I must admit, my author pool tends to skew towards the male, but that might be because I got in at the more military end of SF.