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I feel like blathering and not complaining about school, because I really don't want to be a whiner, and things are actually going pretty well anyway. (I still think Nietzsche's nuts, but he's easier to read than Kant, and not as hard on the ears as Wagner.) And since I was looking at someone's profile the other day and wondering a bit at the various communities they were members of, I figured I'd take a look at the communities of which I'm a member. And then share them all with you, to satisfy my desire to blather.

(Blather is such a fun word to say. Blather blather blather.)

12in2008: Because I don't have enough to do, I signed up to write twelve stories of 2,000+ words each, since I usually peter out somewhere around 700. Have yet to actually finish anything, but it's one more bit of motivation.

bookden: SF and fantasy recs! Although there aren't many members at the moment. I have a rather list of books I've been meaning to review for a while now. Should probably do something about that.

canon_library: Stargate canon-compliant fiction, in a hopeless battle against all the cracked-out and shamelessly AU stuff floating around. Again, not very many posting members, but a cool idea for a community anyway. Got snagged into it as the layout/tags mod. Fun.

corbel_squinch: For all those multitudinous (ha) stories set in that world where there's magic and stuff and guys in college. Is now better known as the AU where John Sheppard has tattoos of wings. Needs a bit of a revamp and some filling in. And some made up encyclopedia entries and such, because I love miscellanies of nearly any sort. (I have two desk encyclopedias, and have spent happy hours chasing things through the Encyclopedia Britannica and Wikipedia.)

edgarandthefool: Me and rose_sous_globe writing to each other as Edgar and the fool from King Lear. Kind of stalled out once we hit senior year. There've been assassination attempts and forgery and stuff, and Fred almost swallowed a ring.

justwrite: For spamming the wider world of LJ with my original fiction. I must admit the general quality of the posts there is kind of . . . low, but the community is very active, so that's something.

paidmembers: rose_sous_globe bought me a year of paid time, so there you are.

plot20: Twenty basic plots, Twenty stories of more than 1,000 words. I've currently written two, and some of the remaining plots are kind of scary. But it's a good exercise, since I tend to sort of forget about plot until I realize I don't have one and the story stalls out. This happens a lot more frequently than I'd like to admit.

sg_metaverse: Stargate AUs! Where there's actually, y'know, a stargate.

sga_flashfic: They keep coming up with really intriguing prompts, and I keep not having enough time to actually write anything I'd be willing to air in public. Oh well, there's always the challege amnesties.

sga_noticeboard: Publicity.

sheps_atlantis: A cool bunch of SGA writers, who are generally better than I am about leaving feedback.

writers_lair: It's a community for writers! That was very active for a little while and now seems to have lapsed into . . . um . . . I've forgotten how the sentence was supposed to end. Slump, maybe. I should probably try to do something about that, seeing as I'm a mod and all.
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