Favorite 17th episodes of SPN

Try to keep it to just a couple, guys

1.17 Hell House
2.17 Heart
4.17 It's a Terrible Life
5.17 99 Problems
6.17 My Heart Will Go On
7.17 The Born-Again Identity
8.17 Goodbye Stranger
9.17 Mother's Little Helper
10.17 Inside Man
11.17 Red Meat
12.17 The British Invasion
13.17 The Thing
14.17 Game Night

I don't know--I love both "Hell House" and "Red Meat". Hm. Good thing I can now choose both!

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None of this are that great, but I went with It's a Terrible Life because it is fun.
Hell House is actually the FIRST episode of SPN I ever watched, back when Season 1 was still airing live. A friend told me I needed to watch it because the show was so great and the leads were soooo hot.

So I watched the ep. And I was like "uh... okay?" I didn't get it. And was invested in other shows at the time, so I didn't watch any more.

Fast forward to my second encounter with SPN in 2009. By the time I made my way back from S4 through four seasons of Winchesters, I got to Hell House and watched it with more context and a corresponding amount more fondness. <33333 (And now that I know Sam and Dean I think they're very attractive.) Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to watch SPN and be in SPN fandom from the very beginning. To have had SPN as an active presence in my life that much longer. But honestly, if I'd started watching then I probably wouldn't still be watching now, because this fandom is batshit. And I wouldn't have deserved it back then, either, tbh.

I probably would have written a lot more SPN porn, though. I mean, I ran the kinkmeme in one of my old fandoms. Me! XDDD And then I got bored of porn and shipping and am almost full gen in both my reading and writing.
It's funny, this one has a lot of episodes I'm more-than-average fond of, but little I'm intensely passionate about. It's A Terrible Life came closest, so I went with that. But I love a lot of humor in Hell House and The Thing, and the heartbreak in Heart and The Born-Again Identity. My Heart Will Go On is good for both comedy and emotion (plus: ELLEN!!). There are a lot of good, more rare pairings in these, too - Cas and Meg in Goodbye Sranger, plus Inside Man had great Sam and Cas stuff and that Dean & Crowley bromance scene. Red Meat's great, too; it's one of those episodes I haven't seen a ton of times and have trouble remembering in detail, but I always remember that it's good and every time I watch it I'm like OH YEAH this was so cool, lol.
Yeah, I know what you mean--a lot of episodes I enjoy, but none that knock it completely out of the park. But there's something cozy about that, somehow.
Yes, that's a great way to put it! They're episodes I don't tend to just put on randomly, but I'm excited when they come up during a re-watch. It's sort of comforting because they don't get me as overexcited as my top faves, but they're still such a joy to watch.
My favorite is tied between Red Meat and Heart because SAAAMMM! The end of Heart breaks me every time I see it. I also always enjoy It's A Terrible Life. Most of the episode titles didn't mean much to me.
Well, one of the reasons I include the episode numbers is to make them easier to look up. But yeah--with so many episodes the titles tend to blur together a bit.
I was almost swayed by bath-towel Sam, but my vote is split between Heart and Red Meat, as I'm a sucker for hurt boys - physically and/or emotionally!
I really like a lot of these, and it’s hard not to give it all to “Red Meat”—but I kinda love “Goodbye Stranger”. The town model! Meg! The crypt scene! And that fade out, with the bus going into the tunnel and disappearing as the camera pulls up into the shot of misty hills, the song fading into the wind. A beautiful sequence.
Yeah, it's a surprisingly well-rounded episode. I remember being slightly shocked that they'd managed to make me regret Meg's death.
I’m surprised The Born Again Identity isn’t more popular. In fact, I’m surprised that so many people are kind of meh on the 17s in general. To me, they’re some of the best eps in the series. And I cheated and voted for several.
So hard to choose, cause I love Hell House (Sam in a towel!) and Heart (Sam and Madison), but I went with Red Meat (epic in every way) and It's a Terrible Life (so much fun).

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Could have chosen some of these. Decided my favorite is Red Meat because SAM!!!