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Ok, I'm gonna give this a go, but i'll mostly have to give you an ep description 'cause I suck at remembering titles. :P

1. Inside Bobby's head thx to the African Dream Root
2. The boys are born-again virgins & Dean gets trapped w/other victims
3. Geez, this could be anything, but I'm guessing when the boys & Bobby had Cas trapped in the ring of fire, S6 I think?
4. Dean plays Death w/Tessa helping out
5. I'm guessing Swan Song here
6. Dean with the rifle in the ep with the German Sheperd dog/shapeshifter
7. ????
8. I wanna say Caged Heat on this one....not sure.
9. Where Dean holds the heart & asks Sam to be his Valentine
10. Clap Your Hands If You Believe
3. "Abandon All Hope", s5
5. Actually, it's "Baby", when Dean plays 'Night Moves' to tease Sam, but that particular shot is easy to mix up
7. "I Believe the Children Are Our Future", s5
9. "Sam, Interrupted", s5

Otherwise they're all correct. Not bad at all!