Knocking around the universe

Small break from the usual, here--I've been playing intergalactic space tourist recently, and just discovered that LJ's paid accounts now have waaaaay more storage than I realized, so I'm going to inflict some Empyrion: Galactic Survival screen shots on you all. If you're looking for a satisfying space exploration/survival/building game, it's a good 'un.

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Y'know, I've never played the Sims, or hung out with anyone who does. What's the actual gameplay like? What do you enjoy about it?
Well, you create characters and you play it like real life. You get a home and jobs, you have to feed them and dress them, get them to bed and get them up. I found this little blurb...

Every Day is Different with The Sims. Life, and Sims, are yours to control. Customize your unique Sims, design their homes & take them on wild adventures through celebdom, romance, holidays and more.

It was pretty neat to create SGA characters (which look a lot like the TV characters) and take them through life. I haven't had time to play in a while but it is fun. There are hacks that you can use to give yourself lots of money so you can get a nice mansion for all of them to live in. Hot tubs and pools and other stuff. You can customize the inside and outside of the house. You can have pets. Someone else online turned me on to it and I bought 4 of the games so I had stuff to work with.
I enjoyed creating my characters and buying the mansion. I customized some of the rooms and gave them jobs. They sort of do stuff on their own but you can make them also do what you want them to do as well. The game lets you know when the characters need stuff or need to do stuff and you have to get them what they need. I used a lot of the hacks to make sure they don't die from not being fed. I also game myself lots of money because when they eat or you customize stuff it subtracts the money from your account.