wibbly-wobbly . . . timey-wimey . . . stuff

Just watched the last four episodes of new Dr. Who season 3. Reactions in six words (or less):

"Blink" -- Freaky statues! (silly Doctor.)
"Utopia" -- Good thing they had Jack along.
"The Sound of Drums" -- Oh, Martha.
"Last of the Time Lords" -- Oh, Doctor. (They both lost.)

I'm glad they finally tied up the loose end of Jack getting left behind. All in all, a good end to the season, I think. It was pretty cool to see all the pieces scattered through the various episodes finally fit together.

Also, I would love the Doctor forever just for this line alone: "This is my timey-wimey detector. Goes ding when there's stuff."
I know! We had to rewind that bit twice because we kept laughing too loudly to hear the dialogue.

(ding when there's stuff!)
Exploding Hens
Don't forget - it also boils an egg at thirty paces...whether you want it to or not. :D I saw the note on my door, and went positively bonkers. I still can't stop grinning every time I think about it.