Favorite Sixth Episodes of SPN

Which sixth episode of a season is your favorite?

1.06 Skin
2.06 No Exit
3.06 Red Sky at Morning
4.06 Yellow Fever
5.06 I Believe the Children Are Our Future
6.06 You Can't Handle the Truth
7.06 Slash Fiction
8.06 Southern Comfort
9.06 Heaven Can't Wait
10.06 Ask Jeeves
11.06 Our Little World
12.06 Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox
13.06 Tombstone
14.06 Optimism

It's easily "Ask Jeeves" for me, though I'm quite fond of many of the other episodes listed--"No Exit" and "Red Sky at Morning" are both fun examples of Sam and Dean having to deal with a third party butting in; "Yellow Fever" is a classic example of a seemingly goofy episode going hard off the rails into horror; "You Can't Handle the Truth" has Dean finally twigging to just how wrong things are with Sam--

But "Ask Jeeves" I watched 8 times in 1 week after it aired. I love everything about it--the glazed doughnut coffee, the various references to Clue, Dean peering into the empty suit of armor, Sam awkwardly claiming lactose intolerance, his easy assurance that he and Dean like each other (because they do!). And then at the end of all the silliness and fun, Dean's shocking brutality as the Mark of Cain starts to make itself known again. Just excellent stuff all around.
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It's Yellow Fever for me, as it has both hurt, scared, vulnerable Dean and lots of fun moments, too - and of course 'Eye of the Tiger'! I also loved Tombstone with Dean fanboying over all the old cowboys and wearing that hat/tie combo. I do like Ask Jeeves as it's so much fun!
I love Yellow Fever, for the perfect mix of humor and emotional moments. Tombstone is also wonderful, with all the cowboy moments. And yes, Ask Jeeves is awesome and so funny!
Yellow Fever for me too, though Red Sky at Morning and Tombstone were vying for a close second!
Red Sky at Morning is oddly overlooked, it's always seemed to me--the case is a fun twist on the usual ghost formula, and we get to see the guys in tuxes!
I'm not crazy about any of these, but went with Southern Comfort because the dynamic between Sam and Dean in that episode is kind of interesting.

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I meant to click Yellow Fever! I thought I could choose 2 and also clicked on Tombestone but as we can only halve one it HAS to be Yellow Fever
GOSH, there are a lot of standout sixth episodes! I had to go with Yellow Fever, but Skin is a great episode too, and Slash Fiction has a couple of my all-time favorite show moments: Leviathan!Dean and Leviathan!Sam complaining about being Dean and Sam, and "All Out of Love," the spiritual sister to Yellow Fever's "Eye of the Tiger" - fun that they were both sixth episodes! And Tombstone and Optimism are two top favorite recent episodes. I could have picked just about any of those.

Ask Jeeves wasn't one of my favorites when I first saw it, but I've become quite fond of it on rewatch. So many funny moments! I love the Clue references, too, and all the hilarious flirting. Maybe I'll throw that one on tonight...
It's kind of startling to see them all lined up like this--I guess it's just a really good writing slot!