Favorite Fifth Episodes of SPN

Which fifth episode of a season is your favorite?

1 - Bloody Mary
2 - Simon Said
3 - Bedtime Stories
4 - Monster Movie
5 - Fallen Idols
6 - Live Free or Twihard
7 - Shut Up, Dr. Phil
8 - Blood Brother
9 - Dog Dean Afternoon
10 - Fan Fiction
11 - Thin Lizzie
12 - The One You've Been Waiting For
13 - Advanced Thanatology
14 - Nightmare Logic

This is another really tough choice - I love "Thin Lizzie" and "The One You've Been Waiting For", and "Bedtime Stories" and "Fallen Idols" are both great, but I'm going to have to go with "Monster Movie", which I've watched so many times I have the script all but memorized. It's great fun just on its own, and even better if you've seen the Bela Lugosi version of Dracula, and really makes the most of the black-and-white format.
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Ugh oh no, all of them (except Fallen Idols lol). I went with Thin Lizzie because at any given moment, I'd be game to rewatch that one (and in fact randomly rewatched it already this year). But I've seen parts of Advance Thanatology approximately 9999999 times. And I adore Simon Said.

But the 30 seconds of Sam seeing Jess set to "Laugh, I Nearly Died" in Bloody Mary? There's a good chance I'd sacrifice some of my organs for that scene. Absolutely iconic.
Thin Lizzie was definitely in a close 2nd place for me--one of my all-time favorites. Just has a great mix of brothers being goofballs, a pretty solid mystery plot, definite horror vibe, and a season arc tie-in that fits pretty naturally.

(Question, if you don't mind answering--what bugs you about Fallen Idols? I've always thought it was a fun MotW episode with some good relationship stuff going on.)
I just think it's dumb, that's all. XD It's not an episode I have strong negative opinions of (I think I have only 3-4 of those total?) but I'd never watch it on purpose, outside of watching it as part of a whole-series/whole-season rewatch.
How am I supposed to choose?!?! O_o I hated "Dog Dean Afternoon" for some reason, but many of the others are definitive favorites! Ugh, I'll choose "Monster Movie" because it's an iconic classic, but let me tell you, "Fan Fiction" and "Bloody Mary" are close too.
It really did come down to calculating the number of rewatches for me--but I've revisited most of these at least a couple of times. Thin Lizzie and Fan Fiction both come pretty close to edging out Monster Movie. <3
This one is really tough because there are moments in all of these but I had to go with Advanced Thanatology. Plague masks are eerie and disturbing and the fact that the boy got away from the house and yet couldn't escape the ghost's reach. His mother broke my heart at the end and I appreciated that they showed us a glimpse of the victim aftermath that wasn't just witness statements but true emotional fallout.

But mainly, I loved the Sam and Dean scenes. Sam awkwardly trying to cheer up Dean with all his go-tos - strip clubs, rock music and booze - and Dean seeing right through it. Then there was the scene on the stairs. Dean was so quick to pull out his suicide kit to kill himself while Sam stands there protesting, shocked that Dean would jump right to this extreme solution. A fascinating insight into Dean's disposition at that point that he set up and carries something like that.
Oh, yes--probably my favorite of the early s13 episodes. It's such effective horror in that there's no hope for the people trapped within the story.

And the scene where Sam suggests going to a strip club is just absolute brotherly gold. :D
None of these excite me very much, so I went with Bloody Mary because 1. Genuinely scary and 2. Secrets! We find out Sam has a secret, and what it is.
This was an easy one for me: Simon Said. Amazing character introduction with Andy. Terrifying implications for Sam (and by extension, Dean). Those hair-trigger switches from funny to frightening that S1-5 did so well.

And the cinematography. Thirteen years later, that shot of the blood spatter on the sink and the pan up to the mirror as Sam's vision slides back into reality again remains one of the cleverest, most visceral, most unique and memorable shots the show's ever captured.
It's definitely a very solid episode, with that classic mix of humor and dark horror--sure, it's funny when Dean just lets Andy drive away in the Impala, but it's also terrifying, because we know Dean would never voluntarily do so. It's like Andy forced him to hand over a piece of his self along with those car keys. And then the poor girl forced to stand on the edge of the bridge---!
Like you, I went with "Monster Movie". Alone the fact that the whole episode was in b/w is a big plus in my book, additionally we got: Dean in Lederhosen (!), the probably funniest Dracula ever XD, and one of Dean's best lines ever: "I've rehyminated." LOL

"Fan Fiction" comes a close second, mostly because of the whole setting, and that absolutely goosebumps-rising final song sequence of the musical (with Sam and Dean's reactions).

Third place goes to "Shut Up Dr. Phil", but less for the storytelling or the episode itself, but more for the fact that James Marsters was in it! Love this guy since he was on "Angel" (only saw a few of his Buffy episodes), always happy to see him popping up somewhere else (which happens way too less in my opinion)
Hard to pick, but I'm going with Monster movie (with Fan Fiction as a close second). Great classic ep. Perfect mix of humor and drama!