Favorite third episodes of SPN

Which third episode of a season is your favorite?

1 - Dead in the Water
2 - Bloodlust
3 - The Kids Are Alright
4 - In the Beginning
5 - Free to Be You and Me
6 - The Third Man
7 - The Girl Next Door
8 - Heartache
9 - I'm No Angel
10 - Soul Survivor
11 - The Bad Seed
12 - The Foundry
13 - Patience
14 - The Scar

I'm tempted to say "Dead in the Water" just because I've watched it so many times while zmediaoutlet and I were working on ch. 3 of In a Cursed Hour--though I do also love the visuals, and the glimpse it gives us into everything that Dean's trying to hard to hide about himself, the soft places under his seeming armor. "In the Beginning" is another great one--our first time-travel episode, and the show knocks it out of the park. Guess I'll have to decide when this poll actually goes live....

ETA: Okay, so I goofed, and 3.03 is Bad Day at Bad Rock, not "The Kids Are Alright". I can't edit the poll code anymore, so just go ahead and vote for "The Kids Are Alright" if you mean "Bad Day at Bad Rock", which is what I'm going to do.

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I'm such a sucker for time travel episodes! Plus delving into the Winchester family story. I love young Mary, who just wants to get out of the hunting life (and away from her creepy, controlling father!) Azazel possessing Samuel and sniffing Dean will always be one of those intensely horrific moments in the show for me, like the moment he kisses Mary to seal the deal for John's life (and the fate of Sam & Dean). Just ugh!
Azazel is super-creepy in this episode for sure--and it was a great way for them to open up the possibility of time travel, which they've used pretty well across the seasons. Who could've guessed that from the first season, eh?