Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

crack fic: Dean and a Horse (part 8 of ?)

"I'd get moving if I were you," someone says in Dean's ear.

"Nrg," he says in reply and tries to burrow further into his pillow, except there is no pillow because he's in the middle of a pretend forest with simulacrum of his dead best friend. Undead. Whatever.

"And why's that, Ma'am?" Benny sounds amused, so Dean opens his eyes just to see what's going on. And it really must be Disney Princessland, because what's going on is a talking fox sitting next to Benny's knee, tail tucked primly around her feet.

"Your brothers are tracking you, and they're not at all pleased with you stealing away their chance at a royal ransom."

"Hm," Benny says, and peels himself out of his bedroll. "I suppose they wouldn't be. Thank you kindly for the warning." He tosses her a bit of leftover meat from their dinner before he starts packing away his things, which the fox snaps out of the air faster than Dean can blink. "You awake, chief?" he asks, so Dean gets up as well, shaking out the bedroll before handing it over. The fire gets kicked out and scattered, the remaining firewood gets shoved underneath a nearby bramble bush, and then there's another awkward round of clambering onto the horse, though it goes a bit easier than the evening before--Dean's head still hurts a bit, but it's stopped feeling like it might come off if he moves the wrong way.

The fox hangs around through all of this, never quite underfoot, though she spooks the horse once, just as Benny's about to lead it over to a rock of convenient height. "Not to seem ungrateful," Dean says, now that his brain is mostly functional again, "but why are you helping us?"

"A girl's got to have her secrets," the fox says, not quite coy. "Your companion's brothers aren't the only ones who can hold a grudge, let's just leave it at that."

"Care to ride with us?" Benny asks, courteous, even though he has to lean halfway off the horse to see her properly eye-to-eye. "We're still headed west, if that suits your needs." The horse whuffles at this, shifting its weight dubiously, so perhaps it's just as well that the fox yawns and stretches and says, "No, though you're a sweet lad for offering. I have business to the south of here, though I'll linger long enough to confuse your trail for those behind you."

"Thanks," Dean says, more because she sounds familiar than because he's taking any of this very seriously. At this point he's ready to just find Sam, call it quits, and go home to his own comfy bed. Nice though it is to have a more helpful version of Benny than the last time, it's still not actually his friend, and the novelty of this whole little adventure is well worn off.

"Thank me the next time you see me," the fox says, tucking her tail around her feet again. When Dean glances over his shoulder as they ride away, she's still sitting in the center of the clearing, motionless as a statue.
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