Favorite second episodes of SPN

What second episode of a season is your favorite?

1 - Wendigo
2 - Everybody Loves a Clown
3 - The Kids Are Alright
4 - Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester
5 - Good God, Y'all
6 - Two and a Half men
7 - Hello, Cruel World
8 - What's Up, Tiger Mommy?
9 - Devil May Care
10 - Reichenbach
11 - Form and Void
12 - Mamma Mia
13 - The Rising Son
14 - Gods and Monsters

This one's a little trickier than last week's, but I think for me it's "Good God, Y'all". It's an interesting case with some good twists in it, some great visuals, a good way to get Ellen and Jo back (so that they can be lost again)--and it gives Sam the chance to acknowledge the truth of his addiction on his own, without Dean forcing it on him.

How about you all--which one's your favorite, and why?

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So many good ones! Was torn about Everybody Loves a Clown for all the John grief and those glorious full sun scenes of the boys out in Bobby's yard (they look so vulnerable talking in the sunshine compared to hunting monsters in the dark), but I have to go with Hello, Cruel World. Watching Sam devolve into hallucinations and grasping at reality was deliciously awful, plus that warehouse scene gave us Dean talking Sam down with Stone Number One which makes me emotional every time I watch it.
Argh, but Good God Y'All had so many gorgeously shot scenes and Spirit In The Sky was a great musical cue, how it transitioned into the music playing in the car that they approach. Titus Welliver as War? We needed more of him. The perfect snarky horseman playing with everyone around him.