Favorite second episodes of SPN

What second episode of a season is your favorite?

1 - Wendigo
2 - Everybody Loves a Clown
3 - The Kids Are Alright
4 - Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester
5 - Good God, Y'all
6 - Two and a Half men
7 - Hello, Cruel World
8 - What's Up, Tiger Mommy?
9 - Devil May Care
10 - Reichenbach
11 - Form and Void
12 - Mamma Mia
13 - The Rising Son
14 - Gods and Monsters

This one's a little trickier than last week's, but I think for me it's "Good God, Y'all". It's an interesting case with some good twists in it, some great visuals, a good way to get Ellen and Jo back (so that they can be lost again)--and it gives Sam the chance to acknowledge the truth of his addiction on his own, without Dean forcing it on him.

How about you all--which one's your favorite, and why?

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This is a difficult choice as I love 'The Kids Are Alright' with Ben the mini-Dean, but it has to be Reichenbach. I loved demon Dean, he wasn't around long enough. The way he taunted Cole was so brutal but funny too with his Inigo Montoya impression, and the scene when Sam finds him in the piano bar was chilling. It broke my heart when Dean referred to his Baby as 'just a car', too!
My first thoughts were exactly like yours. I loved Kids are Alright because it introduced Ben and Lisa, and I loved Ben and Lisa. Plus the MoTW was totally cool. And the fight at the end between the monster and Dean and Sam was awesome. The way they intercut Dean and Sam individually fighting and then Ben shepherding the kids out of the basement. Loved that scene. So, yea, Kids Are Alright is a top favorite. But then you put Reichenbach in the mix. The heartbreak of the scene between Dean and Sam in the bar, to the snarky fun of demon!Dean with Cole and the whole dance they did in their fight. That was such a great episode. So, I'm with you, those two are my top 2 favorites, hard to choose between them.
Oh yes, it was good to meet Lisa and Ben, he was such a mini-Dean and a brave little lad, too. But snarky demon Dean just pips that to the post!
'Pips that to the post'--love that. And yes, demon!Dean was very effective in 10.02, so callous and disinterested in the things Dean normally holds most dear.