Vids that feel like summer afternoons

Sam and Dean, through the many long years. Sometimes home is a place--or a car; sometimes it's a person.

Sam and Dean and the Impala.

This one *sounds* like summer, like long trips in the car singing along to songs you've listened to so many times that they've become a part of your self.

This has a sort of sun-blasted, nostalgic feel to it, but with a driving sense of inevitibility that definitely fits the show.
I just watched them all, and Renegades was the only one I'd seen before. They were all beautiful vids, thanks for sharing :)
Just had time to watch these--loved them all, but 'Wanted Dead or Alive' was my favorite :)
It's a good one, and the vidder did a great job splicing in Sam and Dean singing along at the end.