Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

A Fourth Lenten Update

Room: Scrubbed. The baseboard heaters have never been this clean.

Closet: So magnificently organized and decorated with old calendar pictures that I actually look for excuses to go stand in it

Writing: Wasn't previously on the Lenten updates, but I have a deadline next Saturday for a fic started two years ago, so I've been poking at it. Writing is definitely easier now that my room's 90% of the way I want it. Just need to get the wall-mounted shelving up, but that's probably not going to happen until after Easter thanks to various family obligations. :(

Internet: Still holding steady on the "no internet in the mornings" thing, though I did have a rough patch of several days where I stayed up way too late. Think we're at an end of that--it's not fun when your eyeballs start feeling like sandpaper.

Family: Have all started their own variations on Konmari, so that's a lovely thing. It would be nice if we could reduce the amount of books in the house so they're at least not stacked up on the floor in front of the overflowing bookcases.

Hope you all are doing well! Every time I pop in to post one of these the "new comments" alert is a bigger number, and it's very encourating. I look forward to responding to everyone after Easter! :)
Tags: personal things

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