my darling

Is this the real life?

This is a really fun compilation of canon/gag reel moments. There are a few minor hiccups in editing, but not enough to detract from the overall effect.

In which Jared is adorable (and Jensen is very fond of him).

In which pretty much everyone is adorable.

The hardcore remix. It's kind of fun to see the effect of a different style of music makes--the editing is pretty similar to the previous vid, but it doesn't feel the same at all.
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These were fun! Interestingly the last 2 use more footage from the Jus in Bello cons in Italy than the Creation ones in the states...
Perhaps there's more dancing in Italy than in the states? I know it's a different company managing the conference than here in the states, so that seems like it could affect things beyond just cultural norms.
Enough to put a smile on my face, thanks for sharing these!