Rocking it old school style

Nothing fancy here--I just really like the strobe/flip-book effect that's used through most of this.

It's interesting to look at this one next to "I Can't Give it Up"--the editing and structure is so different. Rather than moving through the show chronologically, it's more thematic, and even though it uses clips from across all of the first five seasons, the focus is on season five and the struggle between heaven and hell for power--with the Winchesters caught up in the mix.

The music for the "splendor in the fall" montage is so perfect it's almost beyond belief.

(Okay, so season 6 probably doesn't really count as "old school"--I don't care)

So--which 'movie' is your favorite? For me it's a toss-up between "Waking Death" and "It Had to Be You".
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Oh, I'm totally in love with the movie ones. Thank you for posting them.
Thanks for sharing these, I love Ash's vids but have never seen the movie ones and they are brilliant! I think my faves are The Saminator and Running Scared!
Running Scared is definitely one of my favorites as well--has such a fun old-time comedy feel. :D