Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

Lessons taught to me by my sister

1. You can't save someone from themselves.

2. Don't have sex with someone unless you're willing to have children with them. Condoms fail, the pill fails, vasectomies fail.

3. Aborting your children has consequences as well.

4. The past can't save you. Dwelling on the past while your present disintegrates will only make things worse.

5. Cigarettes will make things worse. Booze will make things worse. Pills will make things worse. Weed will make things worse. Making excuses for your actions will make things worse.

6. The harder you try to ingratiate yourself to people, the more uncomfortable they'll feel around you. The more you press on them, the more they'll draw away.

7. Bottling up your emotions isn't good, but spilling them all over people at length and repeatedly doesn't help either. Eventually they'll stop listening out of sheer self-defense.

8. You can't save someone from themselves.

9. You can't force someone to need you.

10. Love is not enough to save a disintegrating relationship.

11. Believing in God is not a panacea. It may be enough of a thread for you to continue hanging on, but unless you acknowledge both that you can be saved from yourself and that you must be saved from yourself, and ask for that salvation, that's all it will ever be--a thread for you to hang on.

12. You can't save someone from themselves.
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