Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

The glories of modern conveniences

5 modern conveniences I am very grateful for--feel free to share your own favorites!

  1. Indoor plumbing. No need to use a privy, or haul water from a well or some more contamentated source, and then strain and boil it. I can have a hot shower with only a few seconds of waiting for the water to heat to whatever temperature I desire.

  2. Electric lights. Indoors, outdoors, or portable in your hand. Full and steady light at whatever time of day or season that I choose. From time to time a bulb may go out, but that's often years between, and in the meantime I don't need to worry about setting something on fire through clumsiness or inattention.

  3. Glass-pane windows. They let the light in and let me look out; they protect from rain and snow and drafts, and can be easily opened or shut to match the weather conditions. For when it's warm, they have screens to keep insects out but let the breeze in.

  4. My own private bed. I do not need to share with anyone, nor are there fleas or bedbugs or other small biting creatures.

  5. An unending supply of paper. I had have as much paper of any kind, whenever I want it--I can order it online and have it within two days, or I can go to Staples or Walmart or some other nearby store and bring it home in as many reams as I can carry. It is uniform in shape and quality, and can be tailored to whatever specific task I have in mind; square and colorful for oragami, thick and stiff for crafting, cheap and plentiful for printing. It can look like parchment or come decorated with various images, or be made specially for paint or chalk. Or for more specialized tasks, for eating off of, or using in other less public ways. Truly, a wondrous thing.

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