Good for some laughs

Figured I'd switch things up a little this week, since we lost a chicken rather grusomely yesterday and I could use some comedy. So here are my three favorite Jared and Jensen bits from the con circuit:

I stopped watching con vids because the questions people were asking made me feel either second-hand embarrassment or boredom from the repetition, but I did love it when the guys would go off sideways into improv sketches. <3
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I love how, in the 3rd video, when Rich starts exaggerating the effect of the musk, Jensen dives wholeheartedly into owning it! All 3 of these made me smile so much my cheeks hurt! Thank you!
Glad you enjoyed! They're great mood-boosters, I've found. And Jensen's general willingness to just go along with a bit is truly a joy.
You raise chickens? (raised?) How many? Any particular variety?
We started off with 4 Americaunas, lost 1 to illness and 2 to predators; added 3 red stars and 2 bantams; lost both bantams to predators (they were small enough to slip through the fencing on the run), and just now lost the last Americauna to a hawk after the protective netting blew off the top of the run. So now we're down to just the 3 red stars. But in the spring we're planning on enlarging the run, making it more predator-secure, and at least doubling the flock. Preferably with more Americaunas, if we can get them.
My neighbour down the road had what I think were bantams. Very small and cute and able to fly. They used escape their enclosure regularly to forage by the side of the road, having their pictures taken by passers-by. Huge tragedy, he found all but one traumatised cock slaughtered and half eaten one morning. There was no noise, so we suspect that it was a monitor lizard.
Oh dear--how unpleasant. That's the trouble with free-range (and bantams are so small and clever it's hard to keep them penned up): something always winds up eating them in the end.
Aw sorry about your poor chicken...
I still watch con vids because the Js are so good at getting round the dumb, but I totally understand your abstinence. LOL
Oh man, is it bad that I'd almost forgotten about all the chicken deaths in a short 6 months? :P
Not if it isn't bad I only just found that post and bothered to comment! I'm not actually sure how...