the written year in retrospect

Original fiction: 5 written, 2 in progress
Labyrinth: 1
Shakespeare: 3
SG-1: 3 written, 1 in progress
SGA: 23 written, 5 in progress
plus a random handful of drabbles

Total: 48,200 or so words (I think---I might have missed something somewhere)

My favorite story this year (of my own): In Time I Might Be King. I like how pretty it is, how stylized.

My best story this year: Sharp and Sided Hail. Not that I can come up with any decent defense of why.

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: On the Care and Feeding of Mammoths, which was read by about two people. Granted, it's a little weird, but it makes me laugh every time I read it.

Most fun story: to read? Elbow On the Floor, or perhaps Fair Warning. To write? Most definitely Please To See the King, which is probably the most self-indulgent thing I've written in a while.

Story with single sweetest moment: To Move Mountains, right at the end, when John's cradling Rodney's head and refusing to let Rodney despair. Or maybe Best For Winter, when Hermione closes her eyes so as to listen better to her son's story.

Biggest disappointment: I Am Not the Thing I Was. It works, it just doesn't flow as smoothly as I wanted it too, and every time I read it, I find phrases that really could have been worded better.

Biggest surprise: Ten Things About John Sheppard (plus one). I didn't realize how much I knew about John ("knew" as opposed to "was told by the show") until I wrote this.

Hardest story to write: I Am Not the Thing I Was. Writing from the perspective of an alien amnesiac meant that I had to keep rephrasing things so as to keep Michael from knowing either too much or too little.

Easiest story to write: Getting Back On the Horse. Once I let Rodney start talking, he just kept talking. The thing very nearly wrote itself.

This year's theme and the story that demonstrates it most: Family is really important, and not having any can really screw you up. Sharp and Sided Hail might show that best, since that has John both with and without family or a support system.

So what's coming for 2008? Disappearing dead unicorns, Jack O'Neill dealing with a traumatized John Sheppard, the dreaded SGA college AU. Lots more about John and flying and magic. I probably won't kill off any more of John's family, though, since he doesn't really have any left.
You are special, dear, though for much more than that.

Hope you're having a marvelous break.
Wow, that does look like a pretty freaky production.

Also, when are you getting back to school? I'll probably be there Sunday, since I'm getting a ride with someone who's not a senior.

*tries not to freak at thought of essay writing period*
Wisdom teeth removal--the actual removal is easy as pie. You go to sleep, and when you wake up you've got holes in your mouth. Except you can't feel them at first because everything's numb. When you do start feeling them, stay away from the narcotics, and just triple dose on ibuprofen. Use lots of the weird mouthwash they'll give you. After about a week or so, everything will be nearly back to normal.

See? Easy-peasy.

You know what's going to be really weird? Not going anywhere Monday and Thursday evenings at 8.
We've got the first season of ACGaS on VHS. It is much fun, isn't it? I really like the actor who plays Harriot.

We should watch movies during seminar time.
Much Love!
Gosh, I definitely need to read more from Gentle Edgar - Best for Winter was astonishing. And I'm proud to know that I did indeed read the mammoth story, and it made me laugh too. I'd forgotten how full of pathos (in a good greek way) the last paragraph or so of In Time I Might Be King was. I officially add it to the long list of beautiful words you've written.

Poor John's getting a whumping this coming year, but I'm sure he'll survive, in an agonizingly poignant way, of course. *does a happy dance of expectation* You're work is so appreciated, dear! I'm so thankful you take the time to write this.
Re: Much Love!
I'm so thankful to have an audience! It's hard to finish things if you know you're the only one who'll read them (aside from your mother, of course, but mothers don't really count for this sort of thing).

John will survive. He's good at that. (I don't think I could bring myself to kill him.) I doubt he'll be very happy with me about it, though. Jack's not that much of a consolation.