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A year or so ago someone commented about how they missed the days when I'd post more about what was going on in my personal life--and, yeah, I kind of miss those days too. The thing is, about two years ago the administration at the school where I work began making a series of increasingly bad decisions and by this point have backed us all into a pretty dark corner--to the point where I've begun dusting off my 10-year-old resume. Any personal posts I'd make would wind up being just ...negative. Either about that, or just me bitching about the infuriating number of thistles in the garden. (Seriously, 90%+ of what I did in the garden last summer was just pull up thistles.)

But it's a new year, and I'm determined not to let this one feel as bleak as the last one, so let's focus on the positive. To start off, here are 5 relatively small things that never fail to make me feel a bit better:

  • My Bar Harbor LL Bean boots. Waterproof and cozy enough that they're still warm inside 30 minutes after taking them off. By far the best pair of boots I've had as an adult, and they never fail to give me a little emotional boost whenever I pull them on.

  • The tiny moss garden I have on my bathroom windowsill (a tiny version of this)--it's so fuzzy and green and seems to be happy, and that's definitely helpful given how gray and blah this winter is proving to be

  • Kettle corn. Sweet and salty and completely addictive. In a good way. ;)

  • Fluffy-haired Dean:

  • Getting Offa Rex for Christmas--I almost never get gifted things off my wishlist, so this was a lovely surprise, and the album itself is a wonderful homage to the heyday of Steeleye Span and the folk/rock genre of the time--not a dud in the batch.

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A good pair of boots makes me so happy, too!! And waterproof is a MUST. <333
They're the best! And yes--must be waterproofed so you can comfortably stomp in puddles. :D
Given how well they've weathered so far in comparison to past boots I've bought, they're definitely worth the price. I'm going to be able to wear them for a good long while yet.
makes me happy
STUDDED TIRES - all I want for Christmas for ever and ever as long as we live in Vermont...

All four kids home for break - and their idea of a fun evening is a board game and teaching each other to sing four-part harmony songs (getting easier now that the 15 year old is a baritone)

Re: makes me happy
Ha, yes--I imagine your tires serve much the same function as my boots do (since I'm a pedestrian commuter). And it sounds like a lovely time with your kids--you must have done a good job raising them if that's how they choose to spend their evenings together!