Brat Farrar (bratfarrar) wrote,
Brat Farrar

2018 fic

Not a very productive year, at least not from a writing perspective. I like what I did manage to bring to completion, but it would definitely be nice to get more done in 2019.

  • Timestamp for "Arsonist's Song" [SPN] - My version of Sam taking over Hell post-s3.

  • Battening Down the Hatches [SPN] - Sam and Dean get snowed in at the bunker. Small and cozy, despite the power going out.

  • Fair [SPN AU] - A young Sam balks at being cooped up in the bunker all the time and does the small-town Kansas version of running away to the circus.

  • In a Cursed Hour, ch. 3: In Silence Hid [SPN AU] - The iteration of "Dead in the Water" where Sam and Dean grew up in the bunker as part of the Men of Letters; ch. 4: Secrets of Another World, which is a remix of the episode "Skin". (Disclaimer: zmediaoutlet wrote 99% of these chapters; I helped with the plot and hashing out various details.)

  • Unseen [SPN] - Dean gets cursed; he and Sam deal with it, despite the communication issues.

  • A Man Faithful [New Testament] - How Joseph's first visit from the angel might have gone. (Also--I never really noticed until now that Joseph gets a grand total of 3 separate angelic visits, which puts him fairly high on the leaderboard as these things go.)

I have to remind myself that I've definitely had worse dry spells, and given the, uh .... hm. Well, work's been ... something ... this past year. Let's just leave it at that.
Tags: miscellanea

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