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Fic update: In a Cursed Hour (chapter 4)

Quick recap, since it's been a while: Abaddon never destroyed the Men of Letters; Sam and Dean grew up in the bunker while John roamed the country in a secret quest to track down Mary's killer; Sam ran away from home to go on a roadtrip of his own and wound up in Boston with Jenn, his girlfriend; Dean went to him after John stopped checking in; Jenn, like Jess, dies in a mysterious fire. Sam's much the same as his canon self, but Dean, in an effort to please his father, has become a Men of Letters' Man of Letters, to the point of creating and giving himself secret tattoos with magical properties; he's also spent his entire life as a shut-in. So far they've successfully managed two ghosts (one in a graveyard, the other in a lake), Dean has learned to order off a menu without looking like a complete weirdo, and now they're headed back to the bunker to collect more supplies and give Dean a chance to set it up for a more extended absence.

And now, courtesy of zmediaoutlet, chapter 4: Secrets of Another World. Sam comes back to the bunker, and leaves, and leaves again.

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I really love reading about Men of Letter' Dean.    m.    :)

He's a treat, isn't he. :D

(Shared your comment with zmediaoutlet, who did the bulk of the writing on the last couple of chapters, and she's very happy to hear you're enjoying the fic so far.)
Thank you for another great chapter! You don't disappoint....
It was fun to be in on the skinwalker secret ahead of Sam and Dean, and to watch them figure it out. I liked the new MoL characters introduced this 'episode' as well.
Glad you enjoyed! zmediaoulet/deadlybride did all the heavy lifting on this one--she did a great job with the OCs.