Pass the happy

via zmediaoutlet: When you see this, share 5 things that make you happy. It would be easy to list off family and friends and other various individuals or groups of people, but let's stick to the wording of the original prompt and focus on "things".

  1. Snow. It's a hassle and shuts everything down if there's too much of it, but--it makes the world beautiful, and reshapes the landscape and hushes all the machine noises that usually fill suburbia. If it's winter, there should be snow.

  2. The rainbows and scattered light fragments that litter my bedroom ceiling in the afternoon, nine months out of the year.

  3. Driving through rolling farm fields. Especially if there's some livestock scattered through it.

  4. The weekly Wednesday special of cheesesteak + fries at the local deli (best fries I've ever had)

  5. My bathroom fishtank, which consists of 1 betta, 1 mystery snail, 3-4 tiny mystery snails, 1 tiny feeder snail, and a bunch of plants. It's like having a little pond perfectly at eye level for staring at while brushing my teeth

What's guaranteed to make you happy?

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I've never had a cheesesteak before and am a bit scared of them, but a big yes to this list otherwise. <3333 Bonus for rolling fields WITH the round haybales (rather than the square ones). Round haybales are my fave. <3
Oh man, cheesesteaks are the best. Well, unless you're a vegetarian/vegan with gluten and lactose sensitivities, in which case they're probably the worst. But for the rest of us...!

What about them strikes you as intimidating?
I have this weird likely Winchester-induced idea of them existing at gas stations, but in like, some kind of horrible demonic form in a gas station refrigerator in its little individually-packaged plastic and the cheese is all squished out against the plastic and the meat is cold and so you can see the congealed fat. And the bread is that tasteless airy dry hot dog bun kind. Which I'm sure is not the case for 90% of Philly cheesesteaks but the image HAUNTS ME.

But they're like... it's actually less like the second coming of gas station food and more like a fajita but with cheese and in bread, right?
Yeah, the thing you need to do is make sure you get it from a legit source. So, I get mine every Wednesday from the deli down the street, and they are--well, scrumptious is the best word and that's pretty inadequate. But it needs to be on a nice fresh roll, with good deli American cheese, and fried onions and a thin tomato sauce to bring out the flavor a bit, with the meat cooked just right. If you get that combo, it's like having all the tastebuds in your mouth dialed to 11 on "delicious".

(The Trolley Stop is one of the few places I have to forcibly keep myself from proselytizing about, but they also make what are the best french fries I've ever had anywhere, and that's not an exaggeration.)
Man, it would be so much fun to introduce you to the deli. I daydream occasionally about taking Dean there. He'd love it.
Most importantly--they absolutely must be served hot, or at least nicely warmed.

Rereading your nightmarish description: while there probably are instances of that vomit-inducing quality, I can say with gratitude that I've yet to encounter them personally. But I do live within an hour of Philly, so I don't know what it's like elsewhere across the country.
Ah you've reminded me I need to find a way to fix my rainbow maker back onto the front room window -- it fell off and I miss my lovely rainbows!
I shall also have to steal this and post on my page. :D
There's something so lovely and cheering about having little rainbows inside. I wish you luck with your repairs!