The ride of the Rohirrim

This is the sort of thing that makes--made?--Tumblr as a platform. You used to get this sort of thing in the LJ comment threads, but it doesn't seem to happen much anymore, at least not in the comms I'm part of--we had a taste of it still over at spn_bunker, before that finally closed up shop (alas).

...Anybody have any active hang-out comms to recommend? The only ones still going on my friends list are purely fic announcement boards. Or is there some way I could set up things here to better encourage chatting? I'm feeling the real need to foster social bonds somehow.


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i am now on pillowfort, it seems better for commenting but is only just getting started <3
What's your username over there? I'm not very active at the moment, but I'm doing my best to track down everyone I'm currently following on Tumblr.