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meme: autumn edition

via zmediaoutlet. Feel free to share your own picks in the comments!

tea or hot chocolate? Hot chocolate, definitely. Though I'll drink a tisane if everyone else is going with tea, just so I'm not the odd man out.
cozy books or halloween movies? Even though I love SPN's old-school "mini horror movie" episodes, gotta go with cozy books here. Mostly because I've seen so few "halloween movies" that I'm pretty unfamiliar with the genre.
plaid or corduroy? Plaid. It's cozier.
foggy mornings or twinkly nights? Foggy mornings look pretty but make it very hard to get out of bed. Twinkly nights it is.
orange or black? The colors of my alma mater, so let's go with both.
pumpkin or apple pie? Love both, but apple pie definitely has the edge here, especially my mom's dutch apple pie. I'd happily give up every other desert if I could have that on a regular basis.
wool or velvet? Wool, on account of cozy and keeps you warm even when wet.
picking fruit or carving pumpkins? Picking fruit. Less messy, and you get to eat it.
libraries or coffee shops? Coffee shops just make me feel awkward. Also, I work in a library. (And kind of live in one, given the number of overflowing bookcases are here...)
cinnamon or peanut butter? Peanut butter, especially when paired with chocolate.
spooky or cozy halloween? Cozy! Because work is being really stressful right now, and I just want everything to be cozy to compensate.
candles or fairy lights? They have different uses, so I'm going with "both".
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