Gimme prompts for fics!

a) Christmas is next month
b) I'm in a writing funk
c) Prompt memes have a good track record in the past of getting me to write more

So... I'm game for any fandoms I've written for in the past, though Naruto and some of the other only-one-fic fandoms aren't likely to get you more than a brief sketch. No non-canon pairing requests, please. And "Brat, you slacker, write more of that fic where John Sheppard has to relive s1" is a totally valid prompt. I might actually thank you for it.

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john and team ambushed on planet. John hurt team on the run taking care of Sheppard waiting for help to arrive while keeping the ambushers at bay.
You know, I have something half-started from years ago that might sort of fit this. Hm. That might work.