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Brat Farrar

Review: SPN 13.16, "Scoobynatural"

I think I already reviewed this back when it aired, but it was so much fun, let's do it again. :)

  • My face actually hurt a little by the end of this episode because I was grinning for just about the entire thing.

  • Sam's small and reluctant admission that yeah, it felt kind of satisfying to destroy a Barney stand-in.

  • Dean's instant bond with the television--it would have lived a long and cherished life in the Dean Cave if the skeezy real estate developer hadn't interfered.

  • The fact that he even made the Dean Cave--which was very obviously intended as a place for Sam to hang out with him.

  • I wonder if Dean's still friends with Donnie from "The Inside Man" back in s10 and got the kegs for the lights from him.

  • This is a prime example of Dean just rolling with whatever weird situation he's in, usually getting a little too invested in the process, while Sam tends to stand back a bit and analyze the scenario.

  • Sam's frustration with his inability to read anything in the cartoon world--portrait of the thwarted researcher.

  • Dean on the brink of tears pver the ghost kid once they get back to the real world. He's such a softy underneath everything.

Since kalliel's reviews are so lengthy and thinky, I feel like I ought to put in a little bit of effort as well--so, here's a thought: the ghost kid could be seen as a sort-of parallel for Jack. Just wants his dad, struggles with anger, has been manipulated/used by a dubious dude for his own ends.... There's some stuff that doesn't match up, of course, but it's an aspect of the episode I completely missed the first time, when I watched it without most of the surrounding context.
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