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Brat Farrar

Review: SPN 13.15, "A Most Holy Man"

This was a fun genre romp, but I kind of wish they'd gone whole-hog on the noir thing and shot it in B&W, like they did for "Monster Movie".

  • First thing: yay for them actually succeeding! Their failure to get the nephilim-tracking spell earlier in the season seemed to really hit Sam hard, so it's nice that they got a relatively clean win here. Though even with that Sam's gone a bit broody--hazard of being the big-picture guy, I suppose

  • The repeated lack of situational-awareness was a bit disappointing, but also to be expected for the genre, I suppose. At least it was something every character fell prey to at some point

  • Not a lot of room for brother banter in this, but boy scout Sam and "I don't know what you are" Dean were both fun, as was Sam's little "I just have a feeling" gripe about Dean (though Dean's feeling was right, Sam. You should know to trust him on these things by now).

  • Also, Dean's blue screen of death at the thought of someone stealing his car, probably exacerbated by the mafia goon forcibly driving it earlier in the episode.

  • His general attitude of "so done with this" as they interacted with each additional baddie was interesting, too. He doesn't hold much respect for human opponants, even when they have multiple guns directed at him.

  • Some of the conversation with the priest was a bit ... unsubtle, you could say, but it is a question that keeps coming up every few seasons: what if we could shut down all the things that go bump in the night? What price would be worth paying? Are we actually making a difference now, just playing monster whack-a-mole?

  • Love the detail of the 12 cents when Sam submits his bid on the skull.

  • Lots of deaths in this episode, but it was nice, for a change, to have them all be dispicable people. No innocents injured this time (well, aside from the one knocked-out nun), which is a definite rarity on the show.

An enjoyable episode, even though it never quite gelled for me, and I can't put my finger on why.
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